Star Rabbitry's Sales Policy

We are a closed rabbitry! This means we do not allow anyone from the public to enter the rabbitry or handle any of the rabbits. We do this for the safety of our animals. We quarantine any rabbit we purchase to ensure no illnesses are passed to our herd.

No rabbit will leave the rabbitry until 8 weeks of age minimum.

Rabbits are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is required to hold any rabbit. If you back out, the rabbit(s) will go back up for sale and you forfeit your deposit.

The remaining 50% is due 24hrs prior to pick up. We accept Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal (Friends & Family ONLY. If you do not use that option, you will be responsible for the fee upon pick up).

*If you are using a transport service, it is your responsibility to set that up and cover the cost of the transport. It must be coming within 30 miles of our rabbitry for us to meet. We have the right to refuse to drive to a certain area if we feel it is too far. In transport situations, the remaining 50% will be due 1 week prior to pick up. The rabbit MUST be paid for in full before we meet any transporter. Again, once the rabbit leaves the rabbitry, we are no longer responsible for said rabbit(s) with any health, injury, or death.

All rabbits must be picked up within a week of their leave date. If an older rabbit, then a week after deposit is made. If you’re unable to pick up in that time frame, a boarding fee of $15 will be due up front at the start of the boarding time. This is due to the spacing in the rabbitry. It becomes more crowded as they mature, and spacing is tight. This will also cover the extra care your bunny will need during the extra time it remains.

When a rabbit is up for sale/sold, it is healthy to the best of our knowledge. Once out of our care, there is no health guarantee. We are NOT responsible for how the new owner cares for, or the mistakes that the buyer makes in the care, handling, and health of said rabbit. There will be NO refunds or exchanges if anything happens once the rabbit leaves our care.

** If something happens to your rabbit(s) while in our care, you will be refunded your deposit, given the chance to apply it toward another rabbit that is available, now or in the future.**

Once rabbits leave the rabbitry, we are no longer responsible for that rabbit for any reason.

Rabbits are sexed to the best of our ability, but mistakes can happen. It is often difficult to determine the gender of a young rabbit, but we will always do our best to determine its gender. It is your responsibility to check over your rabbit before departure! No exchanges/refunds will be issued/allowed once you verify your rabbit, and it departs the rabbitry.

PET rabbits will NOT come with a pedigree. A birth certificate will be given instead (kids love these!).

If rabbits are listed as proven, that means they have successfully produced and raised kits for us.

All rabbits will come with a bag of transition feed and a care sheet (if needed).

We will not guarantee any rabbit to be show quality, winner, or produce future show rabbits.


**We have the right to refuse a sale at any time**

**All buyers are encouraged to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns about their rabbit at any time!**

Customizable Gifts...

Custom: For custom and personalized items, please be sure to include all details at the time of the order. This includes colors, fonts, images, spelling of names, etc. Once the order is started, this cannot be changed. I will not refund or exchange items unless it is a mistake made on my end. 

Refunds/Exchanges: Due to the custom nature of items created and for hygienic reasons, I do not accept returns or exchanges. Any cancellations need to be made within 24 hours of ordering. Again, the only exception to this is if I have made a mistake on your order, and the information you provided me with was correct.  

Handmade Items: Please remember all items are handmade, so some slight imperfections may occur but nothing that should affect the overall quality of your order. Although I do try to get things perfect, I am not a machine! 

Turn Around Time: My current turnaround time is anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks depending on the order. This is the time needed to create your item(s) and does not include shipping time. Epoxy tumblers or larger epoxy pieces could take a bit longer as you have to allow time for curing between coats. Non-epoxy items can usually be done sooner. I make every effort to get items out ASAP and often before the given estimate. 


Shipping: Orders have a 1–2-week processing time depending on demand at the time of your order. This does not include the actual ship time once the carrier picks it up. I try my best to get everything completed in a timely manner. Most of the time, your order will ship before the time given at the time of ordering! Please note, around holidays, shipping times can vary. Customers are responsible for shipping costs, unless otherwise noted. Local pick-up is also available!


Shipping/Damaged Items: All packages are shipped via USPS by ‘sendle’. A tracking number will be provided to you once pick up is scheduled. Typical shipping takes 1-3 business days. I do my best to package your item(s) well, but in the event that your item(s) arrive damaged, please keep all packaging. Send me photos of BOTH the shipping box as well as the damaged item within 24 hours of receiving. I do ship with insurance; however, USPS will likely require the buyer to provide proof up to providing the package in person for inspection, prior to approving a claim. Failure to provide the required proof can result in a denied claim and I will not be able to replace the item in the instance of a denied claim.

Rushed Orders: I do offer a $25 rush fee on epoxy items. This pushes your item to the top of the list by me working overtime, after hours in order to get it to you sooner. This also guarantees your order to ship within 7 days. 

This fee is subject to increase for larger orders. Depending on the current workload, this option may not always be available. Please inquire at the time of ordering if you need it rushed!

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