Available Bunnies

Photos of available bunnies will appear here! New litters are posted as a group. Once they get full color and are a little bigger I will swap the picture for indiviuals!

Please feel free to use the contact link at the bottom of the page to inquire about any available bunny. Once a bunny is reserved, I will remove it. If for some reason it becomes available again, I will repost it's photo. 


  • Giant Chinchilla Mix Mama: Raindrop: Ready 6/28/24
  • 4x Holland Lop Litters on the way!
  • Blue New Zealand Litter on the way!
  • 2x American Chinchilla on the way! 

  • Holland Lop Kits (pet): $75
  • Holland Lop SQ w/Pedigree: $100.00
  • Holland Lop Adults - No Pedigree: $50
  • Breed age Pedigreed HL: $150
  • American Chinchilla: $80
  • New Zealand Pet: $45
  • Pedigreed (partial included) New Zealand: $65


Our Herd

Meet our adorable bunnies and learn more about them.

  • Bunny Profiles

    Detailed profiles of each bunny in our herd, including their breed, age, and variation! Meet your bunnies' parents! 

  • Photo Gallery

    Get your bunny fix by browsing through our photo gallery to see our rabbitry and cute bunnies. 

    (These are photos for you to look at - If a bunny is available it will be under the Available Bunnies area)

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