Our Rabbits

We are a new multi-purpose rabbitry located in Star, North Carolina. We are registered with ARBA. Currently I have Holland Lops, New Zealands, and American Chinchillas. 

Please note that rabbits will not leave Star Rabbitry until eight weeks of age minimal. 

When a rabbit is up for sale/sold, it is healthy to the best of our knowledge. Kits are checked on and handled and loved on daily from the day they are born. Every kit's health is heavily monitored and treated on an as needed basis (if needed). I will not let an unhealthy rabbit leave the rabbitry! Once out of our care, there is no health guarantee as that depends on you as the new owner and how you care for your baby. 

Rabbits are sexed to the best of our ability, but mistakes can happen. It is often difficult to determine the gender of a young rabbit, but we will always do our best to determine its gender. It is your responsibility to check over your rabbit before departure! No exchanges/refunds will be issued/allowed once you verify your rabbit, and it departs the rabbitry. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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